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Freelander pulsating vibration 30 - 40mph.


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Hi, hoping someone can diagnose a vibration/drumming sound.

On my 2000 1.8 there is a strange pulsating vibration only between 30 and 40mph, more obvious when uner load ascending a hill. The noise seems to be coming from under the middle/front of the vehicle.

Initially i thought it was the VCU prop` shaft bearings, but these have just been replaced (along with the damper ring), with FAG type and correctly lined up. My mechanic friend then found play in the O/S/R wheel bearing and this was replaced but the noise persisted. The vehicle shows no other signs of component failure (IRD, VCU, diff` or gearbox), no clonks,bangs,whines or uneven tyre wear. The tyres were all brand new 4k ago. The fluids in the IRD,diff` and gearbox are still clear since renewal last year and the prop` shaft UJs/front CV are all good.

My friendly mechanic has suggested the noise MAYBE a failing front driveshaft or the IRD output shaft bearings but like i say there are none of the other usual symptoms. I`m loathed to spend money guessing at the problem so all suggestions are welcome.

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