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ALKO auto reverse brakes.


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Got a problem with the ALKO auto reverse brking on my horse trailer, I know sod all about it apart from it didn' work at the tech inspection and failed so needs sorting.

It pulls the brakes on with the H/brake, but at the inspection it just pushed the plunger straight in with no braking at all, anyone know how to sort it? Or is it a case of new hitch time?

Sorry not land rover related exactly but it does get dragged around by a Disco3 occassionally ;)

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With a google you can find the service manuals on the net quite easily, they're not 100% straightforward or obvious to fix in my mind...

It's quite possible you just need to adjust the shoes, IIRC they aren't automatic.

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Having just done my trailer brakes,

The instructions are anything but clear.

Pull the hitch forward

Adjust the shoes with a screwdriver in the normal way.

Handbrake on and take the slack from the cables at the rod. Make sure the balance bar is level side to side.

Check what I've said on line.....

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