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Lt77/R380 to RWD format


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Des anyone know if the output shaft of a 5 speed box is adequate to bolt a flange to, then hang a prop off? How much support does the output shaft have internally?

I see that the genuine RWD gearboxes have a different rear housing.

Any thoughts? The idea that's pinballing round my brain at the moment is to repower a mk5 transit with an engine and box that doesn't eat fuel pumps, injectors, flywheels, starters, oil pumps, etc etc etc.

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if the output shaft is supported by a bearing, and sealed from the outside world. surely, as long as you could find a prop flange/ slide on prop joint like the americans quite often have off a gearbox, and you had a way to mount it, (of which there are plenty of ex transfer box stud/threaded holes to use) then it would be ok to use as it is? presuming tranny van handbrakes are on the rear wheels which IIRC they are.

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My brother has a 200tdi in a mk3 transit car transporter, he originally used a sherpa lt77 box.

His first box didn't last too long, it kept getting hot and losing oil.

We rebuilt the 2wd housing and output shaft onto a early defender lt77 but the top gear wasn't as high as the sherpa box. which made it run even hotter which led to it failing again last week.

The reason we reused the tailshaft housing was because the housing has the gearbox mounting in the bottom and the speedo drive in it as well.

we are now considering going either to a 2wd converted 200tdi zf auto, or adapting a isuzu box onto the 200tdi.

Both of these have nice high 5th gears which will help counteract the 5.14 rear end and 27" tyres

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Sherpa box is your best bet, but they die behind a tdi, i had one mated to a series transfercase, and i fried the bearings once. Then i killed the output splines, and binned it.

I do not recall a support bearing in the tail housing...............but i could be wrong. The output spline is different than the landrover spline for sure (thats why i killed mine)


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