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Bleeding LWB Brake System


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Afternoon Guys

I run a 68 LWB SW. After much fiddling i have had to replace the wheel cylinders and flexi hose on the nearside front and the rear flexihose also. The problem i have is although i have Adjusted and bled the brakes i still habve no pedal. It has dual front wheel cylinders and is servo assisted.... Any ideas as it still feels like air in the system.

Cheers guys


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They are pigs. Although it may not work for you, they way I did mine was to clamp all the rubber hoses except the brake I was trying to bleed. The idea being to get as much fluid as possible as fast as possible through the one pipe in order to flush the air out. I used the two-man pedal method, my Eezibleed wouldn't shift the fluid fast enough.

Also I pushed the pistons in as far as possible with small G-cramps (shoes off) to minimize the airspace in the slave cylinders.

The problem is the inlet and outlet ports on the slaves fall on the centreline so you will always get an air space in the cylinders, hence the need to flush the air out, rather than just push it out.

I believe the official method is to remove the backplates and position them horizontally whilst bleeding the brakes!!

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Agree with everything that's been suggested, but the way I bleed mine is to have a clear bleed tube that will reach from the wheel you are bleeding to the master cylinder reservoir. Clamp the tube to the loosened bleed nipple with small vice grips and pump away, all day if you like, and if the end of the tube is just above fluid level you won't get emulsified fluid.


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