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TIG Cooler - what additive should / can I get ?

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Have wrecked a Tig Torch water line, so have got to have it changed.

As I have lost a load of coolant ! was going to flush the TIG Cooler, what / where can I get suitable additive, I was told strongly at TIG School that I MUST NOT use car antifreeze and there is some proper stuff ?

Can't seem to find anything anywhere ??


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How about http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/SPECIAL-OFFER-on-Plasma-Cutting-Torch-Coolant-/221307414214?pt=UK_Hand_Tools_Equipment&hash=item3386f326c6

Says it's for TIG to.

Apparently normal antifreeze contains leak stop which clogs up torches and is conductive so robs HF from the torch and attacks copper...... so the internet tells me

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I thought just de-ionised water? On our miller sets the cooler pack is separate. And torches don't last long enough to corrode through I guess, as they run all day every day? But de-ionised water is common on lasers and the like that run fan blown ally heat exchangers.

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