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Grand Canyon - first time


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Well that was fun :D

First time to Grand Canyon - went with a pal of mine from Kent LRC who has never been to a pay-as -play site before, oh and also took a bunch of lads from TwinAxle club too.

Awsome site lots of fun - recommend to anyone who has never been off road before - to experienced off-roaders - great site.



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Aye, it is a good site. Great for inexperienced drivers and for anyone with a shiney car as there are almost no trees/bushes to offer dents or scratches. As you gain more experience it becomes a little less interesting however...


I have no financial interest but the site is run by John Morgan, a friend of mine.

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It's a good site, you can scare yourself silly along some of the trails just by having a bleedin' great cliff next to you :o

Miketomcat doesn't like it though, every time out he does a diff - last time it took him about 2 minutes, the rest of us hadn't even left the car park before he came limping back :lol: wonder if we can persuade him to go again :ph34r:


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