Never had this happen before - Just need to whip an old n/a engine out of a defender so I can change the rear oil seal. It's a low mileage early defender, very 'original' so was expecting a bit of a fight, but didn't expect it to win! So all pipes/cables etc removed, all bellhousing nuts removed, hoist on - big heave - nothing 30 mins of effort later and still no sign of the joint splitting. Plusgas round the joint, blowtorch all round the bellhousing to release any sealant. Finally tap in some screwdrivers to crack the joint, and finally it opens up. More heaving on the crane and nothing. So more wedges driven in round the bellhousing, which is now split open all round by 10mm - but still won't separate! If the wedges are removed, the joint snaps closed and takes force to get Iit open again Wondering if the clutch is somehow stuck on the gearbox input shaft? Any ideas?