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caliper bolts and "caliper bolts"

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At the beginning a decision has been made to change front brake pads on my '92 110 200tdi Def.

Brake pads were purchased and I tried to change them with calipers on vehicle. After first pad went out I discovered that pistons are corroded too much and won't go back enough into calipers. Searched through forum and adopted advice to replace pistons with SS ones and to use genuine/AP/Lockheed seals.

Next collective wisdom advice was to split calipers during piston&seal replacement in order to ease the process and to inspect/clean them better. In order to do so my plan is to replace caliper gallery seals and caliper bolts.

Now we're coming to the point: there are two positions called "caliper bolts": ones that hold calipers to axles (AFU1031 on my vehicle), but also ones that hold caliper halves together. In my part catalogue latter bolts are not designated with part number.

How to order them? May I use other LR part number, or should I purchase them regarding its dimension (what?)?

Regards, Ivan

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I've never replaced the bolt that hold the calipers together before, just inspected and re-used them. Used a torque wrench to undo them and did them back up to the same or thereabouts.

Only if the threads were damaged or stretched for example would I replace these bolts - but I'm not sure what the best way to go about sourcing them would be to be honest.

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I split my front and rear calipers using the guide on here by Les.

I got my gallary seals from "Shop4Autoparts" and the bolts (for a disco are RTC1136) I was fitting Disco calipers (Paddocks sell them) and they are 7/16" UNF


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