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Propshaft Lengths

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Quick question that I suspect I know the answer to already, but here goes...

I have recently bought a new propshaft (TVB100610) to replace my old one(TVB100610 again) on which the slider had seized solid. The car is a 1986 90, converted to a 300TDi but on an unknown chassis that may or may not be the original. Thus, the engine and tbox mounts may or may not be in exactly the right place!

When I came to fit the new one, I saw that when fitted the slider will be at its maximum length before the splined section starts to protrude from the seal. Obviously under articulation, this splined section will protrude even further.

Am I right in thinking that this should not be the case? If so, I'm thinking I just need to fit a 15mm propshaft spacer?

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