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if you do happen to be wandering round Finland this time next year I gotta recommend this event, a lot of fun, very very well organised.

160 teams, classes for standard and modified cars, ATV, and Trucks (Proto Sisu's, Mogs, Laplanders), proper kitchens serving hot food 24 hours a day, Free service area where a team of massochists dedicated lads worked non-stop to keep everyone in the game. Rocks, swamp, woods, water, mud and darkness - 24 hours well spent :)

I'll get some pics up this evening, standard class was won by Zooks, and everything that won mods had portals (oooh they'll never catch on), Harri won Trucks in his U15? Mog (after rolling it) but the Proto Sisu's were the most entertaining, after fighting with each other in the woods they ended up rescuing each other from the swamps in what can only be described as an epic bit of hole digging/tree felling/devestation.

Hydrostatic quads with winches are a lot of fun by the way B)

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about 20km south west of Mikelli Rob

couple of pics


Chaos in the pit as usual the night before kick off


Give enough drivers enough laptops and beer and eventually they might be able to do a bad imitation of a good navigator <_<


Cat powered Proto Sisu, truly epic bit of kit B)


The House of Flying spanners Tr3 car abused into submission by rentboy Kari Sihvonen


Mikeals Tr3/4 Cutlefish - having won Vepsski Les he thought he'd come over for a holiday.. it didnt go to plan for him :ph34r:


One for Danny - G merc on Volvo axles :lol:


these portal axles are useless..... why do these stupid foreigners need them - havent they heard how unstoppable a Simex clad 90 is??


And mog axles are so wide you'll never get through the trees.. :lol:


Mikeal was trying out his new "sports navigator" slimmer than Igor but a little greenhorned.. so after they got out from a minor stuck..


they thought they would go for a major one :P


Lapdancer lowrider kickin ass - these boys were awesome in the raid class of Ladoga


rentboy Kari slugging out of a little puddle... big girls blouse

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Yep, same sort of format and I think Andras would like this event Rob, where it differs from the Hungarian raids is there is only 3km of "road" between major hunting areas, the first stage is a circuit which is spectator friendly and the the main stage starts at 17:00hrs and goes through to 12:00 the next day, at this time of year its dark at 19:30 and light about 06:00 so there is planty of running around in the dark :)

Navigation is GPS based (Oziexplorer being used mostly), the quads use smaller Garmins and Magellans

The punches are electronic tags so glory boys cant "multipunch" and they must be returned to control every 20 punches to be read/downloaded, there are bonus points for doing certain arrays in order etc - a few of the punches are in lakes so snorkals are a must , when you are cold/wet/broken you can get back to camp where theres hot food and service, the food is €20 per person for a daily meal ticket, this buys you as much hot drinks as you want, 3 proper meals (not just a burger from a van) and some snacks if you are really hungry :unsure: ....erm I was only doing research *cough*

come next year when you are out in Sweden?

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I have put this web page in my computer and i wil not forget about it. Sure when i am in Sweden these sort of events getting much closer. I have done a few in Scandinavie so far and i like it out there.

The way they organise events is different from what we do here. And then i mean the UK events not the Dutch ones.

But yes i guess that it's something as Andras was doing in the past. Sounds very good. Did you do one your self already? Or planning to do one maybe??

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