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Discovery starting probs (STILL)


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I am getting a bit fed up now .

I addressed my slow turning /starting probs with a positive attitude ,and things improved .

But have since slipped back to where I was ,ie slow turning /poor starting .

I have fitted new fuel pump /filters /heater plugs ,battery is well charged but on initial cranking , it turns over slow ,getting quicker ,then fires ( with blue smoke at hte exhaust )( I put that down to unburnt fuel .)

Could I have faulty injectors ,or at least one . How are they cleaned /set up ,or is it a replacement .

I see they are not cheap .

AGAIN HELP.Coachman .

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If the starter is turning over slow then speeding up wouldn't that point to it drawing an excessive amount of current on the turn of the key? It might be worth checking the cables to the starter motor, all the earths around it as well as they could corroded to the point of excessive resistance.



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