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Land Rover Freelander 2 review


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"Land Rover Freelander was the vehicle to invent the premium compact SUV. While already a classic, the British off-roader goes completely new with a second generation. It may be more of an evolution than a revolution in design, but it was completely reengineered from the ground up. Ready to redefine the segment it has invented, the Land Rover Freelander 2 comes with a dynamic design, purposeful stance, smart and spacious interior, and an abundance of advanced technologies to complete the package..."

This is from an exclusive detailed review on the 2006 new Freelander 2 from Land Rover. You can read about it's design, performance and tuning recommandations, and also view a photo gallery and intro movie on the SUV.




Read the whole article here: http://www.topspeed.com/cars/landrover/lan...-2-ar13777.html

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Hope those wheels and decals remain purely for the US market! Like the way the door pillars have been coloured black like the preproduction Freelander 1 ... reminiscent of the early Disco.

Rest of the car looks nice. Tried to watch the video on the website but some dappy clack kept standing in the way.



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The real Q is the reliability........

Which is "legendary" and for all the wrong reasons.

You can produce anything you like - if it is poorly made and unrelaible it will kill it.

mate has a new RR Sport, he is selling it as had nothing but trouble, and is buying another Lexus.

Much as tho I am a LR fan thro and thro I will freely admit that they are dreadfull on the build quality and reliability and I would never ever risk my money which is sadly why I have a (high mileage) Merc, NOTHING has gone wrong, I know of 7 people who have had freelanders on the fllet, all are sick of the problems and have sworn NEVER gain

Shame but reality check time


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