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Front window reg cable lengths. 5 door.


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I've got one of the regulators out of the freelander and have to measure the existing wires in order to cut the replacements to length.

One of the wires has snapped, has a fray that makes it difficult to determine where the join should be and to cap it all is thoroughly mangled and difficult to straighten.

Anyone already measured their front window cables on a 5 door and made a note of the lengths?

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If I am not wrong, that's a kit which suppose you to glue other part at a proper distance and cut the rest? If that's the case up to me its really a joke to use a glue for that, had one of this, after several attempts just both another one with both ends attached, 20 minutes and job done. Had exactly same issue as you..

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It is indeed 3 bits of wire and some glue on ends.

I've bought the kit so i'm going to use it, but if any other regulators go i won't be buying the e-crofting kit again.

£13+ for three bits of bare wire that you need to assemble yourself is taking the p1ss a bit.

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