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BAMA navigational event - 22 Dec - Longmoor (nr Bordon)

McS Junior

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The finale of a hugely successful year for the British Army Motorsport Association (BAMA) sees us return to Longmoor training area near Bordon, Hampshire for Exercise ROADMASTER 2013.

This venue lends itself perfectly to the tried and tested format of a single venue, multi-stage navigation event. Big site with varied and challenging terrain (sand/water/mud/woodland) ensuring that whilst navigation will be the order of the day rather than complex off-roading, there will be plenty to keep you all entertained! And of course you can expect the usual light-hearted, relaxed and fun atmosphere that has become synonymous with the BAMA events this year (Santa hats are optional but will earn you bonus points :i-m_so_happy: )

Exact timings and details of the stages to follow once the final recce is complete but expect around 09.00 - 16.00 and at least 6 different styles of sections, all for less than the price of taking the family to the cinema!

So if you fancy a break from the Xmas shopping and re-runs of Morecambe & Wise, stick the date in your diary and keep your eyes peeled for more details...

Any questions, please ask!


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Here's all the details on the event, apologies for the formatting, it won't let me attach the Word document. PM me if you want entry forms email'd to you.

7 separate phases culminating in a Dusk Navigation, not one to be missed!


1. Announcement. The British Army Motorsports Association (BAMA) is to promote a single venue, multi-phase cross country navigation event to be known as Roadmaster 2013. The event will be run on a part of the Home Counties Training Area and be based at Longmoor Training Area (entrance SU WNW 785 319) off the A325, 2.37 miles SSW of Bordon. The event is clubman status for crews of two people in 4x4 vehicles which are insured and taxed for on road use. The event will take place on 22 Dec 13. The event will be a round in the BAMA 4x4 Championship.

2. Jurisdiction. The event will be run under rules incorporating and governed by the General Regulations of the Motor Sports Association (MSA) incorporating the provisions of the National Sporting Code of the FIA, these Additional Supplementary Regulations (ASRs) and any written instructions that the organizing committee may issue for the event.

3. Authorization. An MSA Permit has been granted No 79657 and will be displayed at signing on. A licence to use MoD property has also been applied for and will, similarly, be displayed.

4. Eligibility. The event is open to members of the following associations and clubs:


Association of Land Rover Clubs

Blue Light Off Road Club

Cheltenham and Cotswold Rover Owners Club

CSMA Club 4x4 Group

Devizes & District Motor Club

Dorset Land Rover Club

Exmouth Motor Club

Hants & Berks Land Rover Owners Club

Metropolitan Police Motor Club

Peak and Dukeries Land Rover Club

Salisbury & Shaftesbury Car Club

Shire Land Rover Club

Thames Valley 4x4 Club

Yorkshire Off Road Club

and any other club which applies for an invitation, subject to MSA rules.

5. Times. Event HQ (SU 798 309) will open at 0700 hrs Sunday 22 Dec 13. The following times apply (times are UTC):

a. Scrutineering 0700-0800

b. Signing on 0700-0815 (any competitor not signed on by 0815 could be excluded and their place allocated to a reserve)

c. Marshals’ briefing 0730

d. Crew briefing 0815 (this is mandatory for at least one crew member per vehicle)

e. Car 0 on course 0900 (successive vehicles will start at one minute intervals)

f. Prizegiving 1600 (approximately)

6. Route. The route will be on various surfaces from very loose off road to quite hard tracks of varying surfaces. The distance will vary by route selection but is not likely to exceed 50 miles. Route instructions will be given at the start time for each competitor at the start of each phase and could be in any or all of the following forms, or a combination thereof:

a. Grid references.

b. Aerial imagery.

c. Photocopy maps.

d. Sketch maps.

e. Verbal instructions.

f. Trace.

g. Tulip diagrams.

7. Identification. Competing vehicles will be identified by small numbers to be placed in the lower nearside wind screen and lower nearside rear screen (if fitted). These numbers are to be removed at the end of the event and prior to returning to the public highway.

8. Teams. In addition to entering as individuals, crews may join with one other crew to form a team. There will be an additional fee of £5 to cover team entry. This is payable prior to starting.

9. Competing Vehicles. All competing vehicles must have four wheels and should be capable of engaging all four to drive at once. Vehicles are to be essentially standard and no special vehicles are permitted. What is a special will be decided by the organizers, but will include fire engines and ambulances. Whilst modified vehicles are permitted it must be accepted that, to retain the navigation essence of the event, offroad racers and similar vehicles are discouraged. Challenge type vehicles are not, in this regard, considered as racers. If in doubt, please consult the Clerk of the Course (Bernie Stevens 07 775 753 763) before entering. The maximum size of vehicle should be about the size of a long wheelbased Land Rover. Crews are required to use seat belts and be in forward facing seats at all times when moving on the Training Area. Smoking in vehicles is prohibited whist competing and care should be taken at all times on this area due to the risk from discarded munitions.

10. Speed. All competitive sections have been set for an average speed of 10 mph. The maximum speed permitted on the training area is 20 mph. A ‘speed gun’ will be in operation throughout the event. See paragraphs 17 and 25.

11. Entries. The maximum number of entries will be thirty (30), however five (5) reserves will be allowed and given places if any other entry fails either to turn up or to meet entry conditions. The entry list opens on publication of these ASRs and closes at 0800 hrs 22 Dec 13. Entries will only be accepted via a completed official entry form, email is acceptable although confirmatory signatures will be required at signing on. There are two methods of payment; cash or cheque on the day or cheque with entry. Cheques must be made to Central Bank SEME and crossed “A/C payee”. Only entries on the official form, attached, will be accepted.

12. Seeding. Entries will be seeded by the Clerk of the Course to prevent team entries running in convoy.

13. Fees. Entry fee is £50 per crew for non-BAMA or £45 for BAMA members.

14. Results. Provisional results will be published in accordance with H 35.1 et seq. Printed results sheets will not be available to individuals. Results will be posted on a notice board at event HQ as soon as practicable following the completion of each phase. The end of competition results will be posted as soon as practicable after the last phase. They will be declared final, subject to there being no protests, 30 minutes later. The organizers reserve the right to delete the results of individual phases from the final results at their discretion. Should this arise, the reason will be made known to competitors. (See paragraphs 17 and 25 for penalties.)

15. Prizes. The following prizes are likely to be presented, subject to the number of entries:

a. 1st overall two awards.

b. 2nd overall two awards.

c. 3rd overall two awards.

d. 1st team six awards.

e. Best marshals two awards.

16. Documentation. The following documents are to be presented at signing on:

a. An in date club membership card.

b. Current driver’s licence for any competitor intending to drive.

c. Current certificate of insurance. MoD vehicles must have a FMT 1001 signed by MTO.

d. Current certificate of a DfT test.

17. General Regulations. All general regulations will apply, modified as follows:

a. Excessive noise, 2nd time of exceeding the notified speed limits, driving or behaving in a manner which is deemed detrimental to the good reputation of the sport: Exclusion - Judge of fact.

b. Excessive damage to a vehicle: Exclusion - Judge of fact.

c. Receiving outside assistance: Exclusion - Judge of fact.

d. Breach of regulations as defined: Exclusion - Judge of fact.

e. Entering an out of bounds area: Exclusion - Judge of fact.

f. Not complying with an instruction for which no penalty is specified, provided that a warning is given: 10 points - Any official.

g. Drivers. Only the driver nominated on the entry form may drive on competitive phases. Any other person who drives must be hold a licence as though the vehicle were being driven on the public highway: Exclusion - Any official.

18. Fuel. Vehicles should be capable of travelling about 50 miles without refuelling. Refuelling is not permitted within Longmoor Training Area or camp. There are garages in the area, the nearest being at Bordon or at Liphook services on the A3.

19. Scrutineering. Vehicles will comply with the technical regulations. Whilst it appreciated that suitable tyres are sensible, really agressive tyres are discouraged. The most aggressive needed are MT. The route has been traversed quite safely using AT tyres and if you are unsure please call the Clerk of the Course before entering. The Chief Scrutineer will advise the Clerk of the Course as to whether a vehicle may start or not. The decision of the Clerk of the Course is final and not subject to protest. All vehicles are to carry the following equipment at all times whilst competing:

a. Warning triangle.

b. Shovel or spade.

c. First aid kit.

d. Tow rope, this must be non-kinetic. Additional ropes, of any type, may be carried. Winches may be used with care if absolutely necessary.

e. D shackle (stamped with the SWL appropriate for weight of the vehicle). This can be a ‘JATE’ ring.

f. Fire extinguisher, at least 1 Kg.

g. Reflective waistcoat or jacket (1 per crew member).

h. Small spill kit (these are available on line or at local auto factors).

i. Rubbish bag of at least 25 litre capacity. Do not ditch rubbish on the area!

20. Service Crews. Service crews are not permitted. Outside assistance is an offence.

21. Electronic devices. The following devices are forbidden, on pain of exclusion:

a. Radio transmitters/receivers other than those designed for receiving public broadcasts.

b. Satellite derived position indicating devices.

c. Distance measuring device, other than that fitted as standard during manufacture.

d. Speed calculating device other than that fitted as standard during manufacture.

e. To remain within the spirit of the event the use of portable telephones to communicate with other vehicles, except in an emergency, is forbidden.

22. General Administration.

a. Dress. Police and military personnel competing in service vehicles are expected to wear uniform. Santa Claus hats are optional for all crews!!

b. Equipment. All crews should bring pens, pencils, hi-lighter pens, tracing paper or acetate sheet, a map magnifier and a romer.

c. Accommodation. No accommodation is available at Longmoor Camp. Service personnel should contact Bordon Garrison transit accomodation staff in this regard.

d. Food. A catering facility will be on site from 0630 hrs 22 Dec 13. There is no service messing. Claims may be submitted on JPA in accordance with current regulations for Service representative sport with the concurrance of unit budget holders. JSP 752 refers. Army personnel should refer to AGAI Chap 5.

e. H&S. An authorized H&S specialist will carry out a full H&S Risk Assessment, prior to the event.

f. Raffle. The potential exists that a raffle will be run to support a charity. Details will be in the Final Instructions.

23. Competitive Phases:

a. Phase 1 - Trial. A short neutral section will lead crews to the Trial. This will be a RTV trial. Crews must follow the instructions given by marshals. Marshals will enter penalties on time card 1.

b. Phase 2 - Orienteering. This uses an orienteering map marked with the control locations. Controls must be visited in the correct order but with competitors choosing the route. There will be an orienteering kite at each control and competitors will be required to punch the correct box on time card 2. A crew member may be required to dismount to punch cards. Manned Secret Controls (MSCs) will be established to ensure compliance.

c. Phase 3 - Sequential. Crews will be provided with a photocopied map with the location of controls marked. The direction in which the control must be passed is also marked. Controls must be visited in the correct sequence. There will be a code board at each control. The letter must be entered in the correct box on time card 3. MSCs will be established to ensure compliance.

d. Phase 4 - Lunch Break. There will be a compulsory halt of one hour for lunch. Time may not be made up at the lunch halt.

e. Phase 5 - Navigation Medley. Crews will be given a set route to follow presented in various forms. Route checks will be established to ensure crews remain on route, code letters must be entered in the next box on time card 5.

f. Phase 6 - Scatter. This will require competitors to visit as many ‘search points’ as possible in the time allowed. The information for this phase will be presented as an aerial image pre-marked with the points to visit. They can be visited in any order by any route but code letters must be entered in the correct box on time card 6.

g. Phase 7 - Dusk Navigation. This phase will consist of a series of short sections with the route being handed out prior to each section. The presentation will take various forms (see paragraph 6). The correct route must be followed and RC will be established to ensure compliance. Code boards should be marked in the next empty box on time card 7.

24. Lateness. There will be no penalty free lateness. Crews will be required to start competitive sections on their due time. Crews may book in early without penalty but may not start the next phase until their due time. Manned controls will close 1 minute after the due time of the last car.

25. Penalties. In addition to those already shown in paragraph 17, the following will apply:

a. All phases Missing a code board/orienteering kite 1 point

b. All phases Exceeding time allowed for a phase 2 points per minute

c. All phases Not providing proof of visiting a TC 10 points

d. All phases Wrong DOA or DOD 1 point per offence

e. Phase 2 Wrong box punched on time card 1 point per box

f. Phases 3 & 6 Wrong box marked on time card 1 point per box

g. Phase 3 Passing a RC in the wrong direction 1 point per offence

h. Trial Hitting a cane penalties on the cane

Stopping on course penalties on the cane

i. Speeding 1st offence 10 points

2nd offence Exclusion

26. Entry Forms. It is necessary to provide details to MoD Guard Service in order for you to gain entry to this military establishment. To make this as smooth as possible please ensure that the entry form is completed fully. There is no allowance for spectators or additional vehicles.

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Good evening, I believe we're ready for Sunday, all pens and bits done, just one question though please ? It states " a trial over fairly severe terrain" , any clues on the severity of this ? I would like to use my daily driver 90 , it's not a complete "shiney" but would like to keep it straight and upright , I understands it depends on driving style ect, but an overall opinion would be useful if anyone on here has done this event before ?

Apart from that were really looking forward to it, finding the event it's self will be a bonus for us let alone the rest of the navigation stuff :0))

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