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Defender 200tdi intercooler advice


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Hi all, I am looking out for a new intercooler and the main two seem to be Allisport or Allard, I don't need a full width one so same drop in size as original will be fine, I use my Defender for a bit of farm work (pulling horse trailers, harrowing) to motorway and hills, it would be nice not to have to change gear as often etc so don't want to tweak the pump too much if at all.....

So... As I searched the web I came across AH Fabrications in Hereford, and he had an uprated 200tdi intercooler for £235 compared to allisports £350 or allards £385 so I rang AH Fabrications and it turns out he worked with allisport when they started up, so has some pedigree.... What sold me was that he really listened to what I used the Defender for and recommended a wider core for the slower moving stuff

Saving a third seems a great deal has anyone tried them? http://www.ahfabrications.com/index.php?cPath=20_9&osCsid=2jvj1mjn58vgg61knokd706rt7

Ps has anyone got any free rear seats :)

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I don't know about defender intercoolers but I and at least 3 others I know have used charge cooling radiators and heat exchangers supplied by ah fabrications (sold on to suppliers like amd tuning and courteney motorsport) and they are great. Mine and my best friends units are around 6 years old now.

I polished mine (sad) this summer and it was still in great condition.

I can only assume they would be decent - thanks for the post I will probably take a look myself for that price!

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