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Deep Dish Alloys

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I was in Rogers of Bedford today and they had a brand new set of Britpart Deep Dish alloys sitting there looking very pretty.

Now I am just about to go out and get myself a set of five Firestyle alloys as I thought these were the only wheels that would fit my 90 while retaining a centre cap (Disco rear axle with 2-piece half-shafts & plastic end-cap) but both Alan in the spares dept and the salesman swore that the Deep Dish alloys also would fit my vehicle with OE (flush) caps as the centre of the wheel is deeper than OE wheels.

This is at odds with what other wheel suppliers are stating, they all agree that my set-up can only be used with the extended caps available for Firestyles.

If the Deep Dish wheels fit then I will go for a set of them, anyone got them on a similar set-up? I am sure they will let me slip a new rim over my hub if I remove the wheel but I was just wondering if anyone had a definitive answer before I do that?

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The discs aren't the problem, it is the drive-flange & half-shaft set-up (described above) which causes the problem.

Unless the Deep Dish alloys differ in design to Boost alloys by having a thicker centre, the plastic oil-cap will stick through and means I can't have the LR centre cap. Rogers say they will fit complete, everywhere else says they will fit but the centre cap has to be left off and as both groups are definite in their answers I was looking for an owner to comment. <_<

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Went over there today with the intention of slipping a rim over my hub but when I turned up there was already a 90 there with similar spec hubs wearing the same wheels and sure enough, the hub-cap was sitting proud of the wheel meaning the centre-cap could not be fitted. The chap from the parts dept wasn't around but after all his assurances that the centre-cap could be fitted he would have been pretty red faced!

Oh well, back to Firestyles with the extended centre-cap.

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Have yourself a "Told you so " T shirt made wander in point to it and laugh :lol:

What is your 90 year wise ???

, drum braked rear axkle ?...

if so shove a disc axle on it and then you can have the (very very) nice deep dish which are FAR stronger than most other alloys (designed and rated for 110) rather than firestyle


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My set-up is listed in my initial post.

1986 90 with Disco rear axle but I retained the 24-spline diff / half-shafts & drive-flanges meaning I have the plastic hub-cap.

The Deep-Dish wheels fit but I also want the centre-cap as spending £600 on a set of alloys and then having it 'un-finished' is a bit pants. At least with the Firestyle I can have the extended centre-cap (c/w LR logo!) which makes it a bit more 'finished' (I always liked the Freestyle anyway).

I must admit that after not liking them initally, I am coming around to the Deep Dish wheels (hence my interest in what he said about them fitting my vehicle) but without the centre-cap i'm not interested. As I said, there was a 90 there yesterday with my axle / hub set-up wearing Deep Dish alloys and with the hub-cap sticking through the centre of the wheel it look a bit aftermarket, not the result I was after.

I feel like getting a T-shirt made up as they have dropped off twice now.

They serviced my TDi last year and said that the oil-leak I had been suffering from was due to a failed rear crank-seal and I should get it back to a franchised dealer before the warranty ran out (genuine parts re-power kit). I got it home, cleaned the sump and found that the leak was caused by a stripped sump-plug thread. Took it into the franchised dealer and they replaced it under warranty, not leaked since and now it is out of warranty I am back to servicing it myself.

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Don't really want to as I am happy with my 24-spline set-up (I junked the Disco 10-spline diff & 1-piece halfshafts from the replacement rear axle because I didn't want them). Can you get 1-piece 24-spline shafts for the rear and what happens to the front axle?

Have given up on the Deep Dish alloys now and should be picking up the Firestyles in a week or so, just waiting for a photo of the extended centre-cap.

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They might have but mine is a 1986 model 90 with an early Disco rear casing.

Assuming they would fit I could replace them but where do you stop? On the front axle I assume that means different flanges etc as well but I might look into it, see if the later shafts are compatable and how much a set would be.

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