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Range Rover Classic Electric Window and Mirror Issues

Darren Roberts

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I've got a 1992 hard dash SE. Nearside rear window won't work and offside rear will only operate via the centre console switch. Front windows are both OK. I've tried a new replacement motor in the rear nearside door and also replaced the ECU in the bottom of the centre console. Also tried swapping round the yellow relays also in the centre console.

Also can't get either of the electric mirrors to work - adjustment or heat......

The fuses in the fuse box in the centre console have been checked and are ok.

Any ideas of what I should try next?



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It is possible if you have replaced the ECU that you have replaced it with another faulty ECU. I take it that was second hand?

That would not account for the mirrors not working though. Does your car have the memory electric seats? If so, the mirrors are operated through the memory seat ecu under the drivers seat. They have a small Ni Cd battery which leaks onto the circuit corroding the tracks and damaging the pins on one of the chips stopping it working.

If your car is a 1992 model year it should have the memory seats, and if it is the above, have a look at how I repaired my seat ecu here;


For the rear window, have you tested to see if you have power at the rear door switch? Faulty door switch maybe? or wiring?

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Hi duncmc,

It did have electric seats when I got it, but I replaced them with manual ones - lighter plus the seat switches were very unreliable. I'm not sure if the seat ecu is till there - is it in the seat box or on the bottom of the seat - if the later then I don't have it any more as seats have been sold!

For the rear window I haven't tested the wiring for power but I will try that tomorrow.......

Thanks for the link.

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The seat ecu is or was screwed to the bottom of the drivers seat.

Your 92 SE will be wired for the mirrors to work from the ECU. The wiring is completely different to the normal type, and the mirror toggle switch is different too.

You probably can get it working if you cobble together a relay bank like some people have done for the seat motors. It'll take a fair bit of fiddling though I suspect.

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