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2.8 isuzu tdi replacment rad


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Hey guys

ive been trying to find out whats best to use in place of the rad out my monster. S2 chasseys s3 body and isuzu lump mated to i assume landy gearbox.

To be honest it looks like it was someones prodject and it came into my mates work to be crushed and i bought it back its a galvy body and chasseys and the isuzu lumps knackered. So basically repaired the lump but the rads totaly shot and im needing a replacment.

Any help or suggeations would be greatly appreciated

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You don't say what part of the world you are from EboJonson. From memory I recall that the 2.8 Isuzu engine is a bit shorter than a 200tDI so if you live in warmer climes than the UK then a good fan shroud is just as important as radiator selection. Even my mighty 2.25 petrol engine got too hot after I mounted the rad further forward without modifying the fan shroud.

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Thanks for the input boys ive got my mate looking out for a 200 rad. Im from just outside edinburgh in scotland so cooling shouldnt be too much of a issue ill just need something to hold water lmao. Itll mainly be used for short road journeys / towing with a few days a year spent up the bing so shouldnt ever be under too much load.

You guys got alot of experience with the isuzus?

I bought it to replace my 300tdi discovery I cant wait to actualy drive it as its been getting bits n bobs done for the last three months :D

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