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Aluminium plated Alpinewindows


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I have to stop the leak from my apline windows before I fix the floor, and dont have a need to have glass..

before I look ag getting a set made does anyone know where I could get a set in chequer plate that I can put countersunk pop rivets in to hold it on?

Would have made them myself, (have the metal but no roller).....

I am not really interested in cleaning the seals etc, as the area around the bottom of the windows has started to rust, and dont see the need for glass in the load area anyway.....

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Nic i cant tell you all the details, i didnt make them. however if you use a glass alpine light as a guide you can make them out of ali sheet. my alpine lights are infact made of the leftovers when side windows where fitted in a 110 by a mate who works at a LR specialist.

we just fitted them inplace of the glass & except when attacked with a jetwash they havent leaked at all. i expect silicon could solve that as it was only a drip. my mate said he bent them by hand over his knee & just kept comparing to the 'real' window.

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Hehe just snuck in when know one wos looking.

That security glass look took loads of paint and millions of man hours to perect i hope you didnt scratch them you heathen.

Any hoos any warranty on them is now void as they are fitted :P

Hows the sliders still frowning rather than smiling ? :rolleyes:

Hehe Post No2 (thats rude :blink: _

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