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Which Injector Pump?


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Got a Disco 300 tdi auto box combo to go into the defender 90 only it's an EDC. Want to go manual throttle so can anyone suggest which Injector pump would suit please?

Is it the ERR 6700? or ERR 4046?? Have read so much conflicting info I'm confused! :blink:

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Got another Injection pump now for our Defo 90 300tdi, away for refurb, but it hasn’t got a central nut on the centre spindle as viewed from the front!
Does anyone know whether it is a flanged nut, whether it has a washer and what size please? :blush:

I reckon the thread measures 13mm? :unsure:

Putting on a manual FIP and taking off the EDC one so this truck will have the barest electrickery but neither has this blasted nut - pretty crucial!! :o

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The pump "should" come with the 3 bolt flange already attached to the shaft. If it does not have that, then the timing needs to be set with a dial gauge before attaching the flange. You are not supposed to remove that flange. It unbolts from the drive sprocket.

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Yeah thanks Red - I've got dial gauge ready and I've managed to get the flange , the 3 x 10mm flange head bolts and I'm looking fwd to having a play to set the timing for non egr.

When i'm done I still haven't got the larger centre nut for the shaft end!! :unsure:

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Sorry - been away....Thanks for the offer Vulcan - is it a flanged nut then? I wish I could remember....

Ahh! found some pics on the net inside the timing case on a 300tdi.

Seems it's a simple hex nut and washer so I should be able to source that thanks - I'll measure spindle M14?) and go from there.

Thanks all.

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