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Door fitting... how hard can it be?

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It's never easy... To be honest you need to have plenty of capacity in all four dimensions, x,y,z and of course, time...

If you've had multiple panels off, there is a good chance the hole is no longer the correct size and shape for the door. Therefore, before offering the door up, do some checks with a tape measure and adjust the panels to suit.

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I tend to cheat ever so slightly, start by removing the striker plate on the door pillar. Then put the door in place and get someone to hold it closed. Using plastic/wooden wedges, adjust the door to whatever you think is acceptable and tighten up the hinge screws.

Refit striker and bugger about till door lock works properly.

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Come on Jeff... no hammer or bloodshed?

Good tip on the striker though.

Only if you try do do it yourself with no help, defender doors are heavier than they look and Disco doors (especially the rear one) are bloody ridiculously heavy. I've been very careful recently..... too much real work to to so can't afford to damage myself

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