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Electro Magnet Fans


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I would have thought in the same way as a air con pump,

when the stat sensors the fan need to run, it sends power to the electomagnetic clutch (glorified solonoid), which energises pulls in the clutch and drives the fan

Same principle (well almost) as your ARB but with electrikery !

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As Les says - Exactly the same as an Air-Con pump.

There are two plates, one attached to the fan and the other to the pulley. There is an electromagnet near one plate. When switched on, it magnetises the first plate which attracts the second plate sticking them together and transferring the drive.

It's quite an apealing idea - you can have the best of both worlds - having something reliable, that you can switch off if you need.


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so if they fail its likely to be the sender?

No it could just as likely be the electromagnetic clutch failing, it is after all a type of solonoid !

if the coil goes open circuit, you will get no magnatism, the second plate will not be drawn in and therefore no drive to the fan blades.... :(

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