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DMMO determination, Brushfield Lane, nr Taddington, Peak District

David Sparkes

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The Report of the Director of Legal Services team was presented to the DCC Regulatory - Licensing & Appeals Committee on Monday 9th Dec 2013.

Brushfield Lane, near Taddington, Derbyshire, is not currently recorded on the Definitive Map and Statement.

The purpose of the investigation was to determine whether to authorise a DMMO re Brushfield Lane, adding the route to the definitive map and statement.

The Officer Recommendation is that the Committee resolves:

To authorise the addition of Brushfield Lane, shown between points A and C on the attached plan, as a public bridleway; and to add the route between points C and D on the attached plan, as a public footpath, to the definitive map and statement.

The Plan.

(The main length, from the buildings at Brushfield to the junction with Little Longstone Bridleway 8, is to be a Bridleway.

The Junction is where the vehicular route turns sharp left to begin the downhill section, initially gently through grassland, then after a gate, more steeply through a wooded area.

The route from the Junction, the downhill section, under the Monsal Trail and across the River Wye, is to be a footpath).

A GPX file for GPS, showing the route, points A, B, C, and D, the New Bridleway, the New Footpath, and the existing Little Longstone Bridleway 8 which connects the new bridleway to the Monsal Trail.

The recommendation was accepted by the meeting on Monday 9th Dec 2013, expect the order to be made.

The full 18 page PDF, which on pages 4 to 15 goes through about 300 years of history; the interpretation of which lead the DCC to their decision, is here.

Regards, David.

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