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In Need Of Your Land Rover Experience Please


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Dear Sir, Madam

I am currently investigating a research project into the Land Rover as apart of my Geography degree that I am undertaking at the University of Leicester whilst being an undergraduate student.

I am writing to you as I would like to ask if anybody out there may like to aid me in my project by filling in a small questionnaire that I have produced, the more answers that I am able to obtain the better (hopefully!) my project will be. It would only take a short matter of time to complete and I would very great full to anybody that could help.

I should stress to you that the questionnaire is purely to find out why individuals choose to use such a popular product in such great quantities all over the UK for such an extended period of time. And that you are more than welcome to a copy of the questionnaire for yourself.

Also because of the strict University guidelines the personal information that you may wish to give me would be kept totally confidential and no information would be falsely stated because of the conditions of the data protection act that I am working under.

If you could manage the time to complete my questionnaire please email me so that I can forward you a survey.

I thank you for your time.

Yours truly,

Stuart Wakeman


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And call me stupid (que deafening roar :rolleyes: ) but what has

to find out why individuals choose to use such a popular product in such great quantities all over the UK for such an extended period of time

got to do with geography?

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this came through on the somerset response 4x4 email.

as Mark states:

great quantities,

all over UK,


extended period of time

these were the points that made me look twice

stuart, how come you don't have a uni email address?

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Hi Stuart

You may want to fill your profile in here too! :D

I've already said I'm happy to fill in your questionnaire, but some people like to know who theyre dealing with. :ph34r:

My sentiments exactly and i said so in the other Forum........

Why can't they take the time to do a bit of a profile ?........cause they don't care and probably won't be back after that initial posting................

So should i care ?? I think not but it does wind me up :)

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A fairly standard set for a human geographer really. All Uni's offer there own range of mods depending on the Acadmeic staffs current interests.

I believe theres a list somewhere on the Geography department web site

I think the address is www.geog.le.ac.uk

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Your name isn't on the list in that link or indeed anywhere on the entire uni website - so says Google.

Sorry if this is genuine but with the amount of spam out there at best it's perhaps ill-thought out. Why can't you make an online questionnaire rather than the to-and-fro e-mail?

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In relpy to those who don't trust me.

Under the data protection act Universitys do not list names of students. If you were to telephone a central office of any University and ask to speak with a student (eg, your child).They would tell you to go away. So typing in a name to a University search engine simply will not get you anywhere.

I can understand why you may not trust me, but for a member of the forum to take the time to put up "cough SPAM cough" was a little bit upsetting to read.

Here is the questionnaire.

StuartStuart Wakeman

(Wakey200@yahoo.com) (sgw8@le.ac.uk)

University of Leicester Undergraduate Student

Research Questionnaire for Geography Degree Dissertation

Dear Sir/Madam,

Thank you for agreeing to take part in this questionnaire on the ‘Land Rover’. The results that I collect will be of great assistance on my project, which aims to discover why this vehicle is such a popular product across the nation. I am highly grateful for you being able to take the time in this survey. If there are any questions you may have or answers that you do not wish to answer for any reason please fill free to contact me or leave them blank.


Q) In an attempt to recognise if there is a link with this vehicle and employment could you please state your current occupation.

Q) Could you please state your current home location (Town/Village and County) within the UK and suggest whether the local area is predominantly urban or rural.

Q) Could you please describe your history with the vehicle, listing when you first purchased various model’s that you have owned, for what lengths of time, how many Land Rovers you have had and now own etc.

Q) In comparison to the wide range of products in the automobile market at present and when you brought a Land Rover what was it that personally appealed to you to purchase this particular brand of vehicle?

Q) Were aspects such as driver comfort, luxury interior at the forefront of your mind when you brought your vehicle, or were it factors such as durability that lead to buying a Land Rover?

Q) As you have owned a Land Rover would you ever consider changing to a different manufacturer of vehicle (particularly in the 4x4 market) and for what reasons might this be?

Q) For what reasons do you use your Land Rover (please tick where appropriate)

i) On-Road Use ….

ii) Off Road Use as a form a leisure activity ….

If yes for ii – Please list the specifics of your off road leisure activities

iii) Off Road Use if you need a vehicle to withstand rural terrain for employment purposes. ….

Q) Have you even been called upon by others in need of assistance in emergency situations or in periods of adverse weather conditions? If so could you please give details?

Q) Traditionally both Land and Range Rovers have been targeted for those who reside in the UK’s rural communities; do you believe as models have been re-designed, such as the Discovery 3, Freelander the company is attempting to sell its products to a wealthy urban population as well as to rural dwellers?

Q) And finally do you believe that the best suited environment of the Land Rover is in the rural and off road areas of the UK, and indeed the world, or is it equally at home on the city streets.

I thank you for giving up your time to complete and assist me in my work on the Land Rover. With your comments I will be able to begin to understand why this vehicle is such a favourite across the nation.

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Crikey you guys - is all the secrecy and backstabbing getting to you? :blink:

Doesn't anyone have trust anymore?

I think it's a fair question to ask.. A collection of email addresses of a group of ardent LR fans is exactly the sort of thing that Green Peace or some anti 4x4 lobby would love to have. In this day and age, caution is a good thing with ones internet identity.

I'd rather be paranoid than targeted...

Had Stuart mentioned that you had recommended him here in the first place, then maybe he would have had a fairer ride to start with!


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Sorry Fi but i am with Graham and Tony on this one. as mentioned earlier the wording of the initial letter seems to come from strong roots. plus the whole uni thing with instant come back and showing where to look up a list of modules rather than answering the question doesn't do anything to dispel my earlier thoughts.

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I emailed Stuart to say that the questionnaire wasn't very well designed - a good indicator for me that the thing is being driven by a university student....Greenpeace would be seriously more careful about the wording.

I think its an innocent affair but Stuart might help by explaining further why he's undertaking the exercise and what he's going to do with the results. I'm slightly paranoid to after watching a Peak District Warden conducting a survey of walkers on attitudes toward 4WD use - he rejected any views that supported green laning...disgraceful stance, unfortunately working for the wrong side!!


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Under the data protection act Universitys do not list names of students.

Those who take the time to type my name in to Bath Uni's website http://www.bath.ac.uk/contact will find my email address listed, along with their (incorrect) details for my course. Of course, it's all defunct now I've graduated, but...

Student boy - less aggression, more openness.

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