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So glad I didn't sell the landy


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A couple of months ago, I bought my wife a really cheap run around (Fiesta) as she is back at university, and was spending so much on fuel for the landy going back and forth to Bristol every day that it was going to bankrupt us. When she came home last night, she said that the oil light had come on and it must have been really empty as she had put a gallon in, and the light was still on when she went round corners.

Funny, thinks I, but didn't think any more until this morning when she is getting ready to go out. I checked the dipstick and sure enough it is rather low (off the bottom), so I set to filling it up with her watching.

I knew that something was up when the comment "What are you doing putting the oil in there" was aired, but a quick couple of questions and I can see that the coolant expansion tank is a thick black colour. Bugger. This afternoon saw a quick trip to the post office to tax the 90, so that she can get to uni tomorrow. The only thing now is how the hell do I get a gallon of engine oil out of the coolant system.

She was rather upset, and made me promise not to tell anybody (oops) and didn't even see the funny side when I said that at least the water pump wouldn't rust now.

Any suggestions?

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Get the engine nice and hot, then drain it down. A large amount of washing up liquid or washing powder in the system and re-fill. Run for a while and drain. You may have to do this a few times to get it all out. The heater matrix may not fully recover unfortunately.

Les. :)

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:D .....................sorry!

(may be this topic can be merged with the benefits of surfactant in the cooling system thread?) :lol:

A quick search shows there are de-oiler products:

RADIATOR DE-OILER we Manufacture to remove oil from cooling system water after a fault like blown head gasket or oil cooler fault. It is easy and quick to use and is NOT petroleum based. Radiator De-oiler is extremely effective on very bad situations and is not harmful to hoses, waterpumps, or aluminium.

This was from New Zealand, maybe there are similar products in this hemisphere? You'd think so!

However a run through with low foam washing liquid is probably much cheaper.

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I suppose it would be fair to say that I didn't have froth type bubbles and it was more akin to paint but it was definitely bubbles. I can't see how any system that has an impellor type pump and very turbulent flow would not generate bubbles... :)

.. and it was hoofing out of the overflow pipe once the engine was up to temp and pressured. :P

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hehehehehehe brilliant :D

sorry mate but since the story of the woman who kept adding oil till she could see it inside the engine i havent chuckled as much. i guess it makes sense when you know nothing about cars though, hope it recovers.

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