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New power steering, forgot to center the steering wheel

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Hi. A stupid thing to do. But when I mounted my new power steering box I forgot to check that the steering wheel was in the right position, and guess what. Today i realised its upside down. Can I fix this somehow without taking the whole steering box out again?

Its a 4 spoke steering wheel on a 1984 Onten with a 4 bolt power steering box..

I guess it should be possible to just remove the steering wheel and then put it back again, turned 180 degres? Or is there any other problems with the stering arm or something that I need to worry about? Everything works fine driving thou, but what do i know...

Thanks for any tips.


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All you need to do is remove the steering wheel, set it in the right place, and bolt it back.

They can be tricky to remove, I usually do it by loosening the nut (don't take it all the way off unless you want to get some dental work done), grab the wheel at the top and pull it hard towards you while thumping the steering wheel hub at the bottom with a club hammer.

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