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what engine will fit in an old 130


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I was hoping to trash my old ford transit (mk5 year 2000, 2.5di) for a few years as the van costs next to nothing to drive and maintain.

However it seems parking rules in Amsterdam are changing. If i'd wanted a pre 2005 diesel I'd better get it before 06-2014.

My long wish was a Defender 130.

If I buy a 1996 Defender 130 with an old (550 KM) td300 in it. Would it be possible to upgrade lateron to a TD5, or even the newest 2.2 TDi?

I've always assumed defenders stayed the same (apart from some wiring and hoses.

Other option I have is to spend way more and buy a 2004 / 2005 TD5 130.

Second question:

If one replaces the chassis, would the van get a new chassis number (or VIN) and a new licence plate? is it essentially a new car then?

reason I'm asking: In Holland I've got to pay way more tax (bijtelling) on a compagny car that is used for private/family driving. The rules on that changed after 06-2005.

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You're best bet is to ask specific tax/licence questions in Belgium/Holland or directly to people from there. Not being there/or familiar with local rules could mean that you get given wrong or bad advice. I think that there are a few members from there on here.

Engine wise, anything is fittable with time and money. I would have thought that a already fitted TD5 would be the easier way to go but that is dependent on chassis and condition.

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A 2.8TGV would be a great swap for the Tdi, and is designed to be a nearly straight swap. There aren't many second hand engines about, and a TD5 or Tdci will be cheaper in that respect, but they will have mating issues with the transmission and the Tdci would need the humped bonnet too, as well as new floors, transmission tunnel and quite possibly new propshafts for both conversions if the transmission sits in a different position to the current location. There's also something to be said for the TGV's rugged simplicity, almost exactly the same as the Tdi, with no electronic to worry about.

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