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RR Classic upper tailgate seal issue

RR Lorry

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Hi All,

Have an issue sealing around the upper rear tailgate on my 1989 RR classic. Seems there are supposed to be channels or a channel where the seals are located in. Am I right? If so I would appreciate some help in either obtaining these channels and rubber seals. Or if no longer available , a picture or diagram on what these items look like.

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Aperture Seal pt No MTC2398 Should run about £24 for a non OEM part

The seal itself just pushes into a pressed channel thats spot welded to the body, you put one leg of the rubber seal in and carefully press the other in with a screwdriver or maybe a little wheel.

The fit up on the top edge was I think poor from new ? The seal before squashing by the frame can show a tendency to want to pull out with age.

I've noticed the Aluminium top frames seem to be a little tighter on the seal than the OEM parts, and can want to tear the seal in the corners. So its probably an idea to maybe lubricate the top edge of the frame with a LITTLE silicone grease.

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