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No Low Range or Diff Lock, Loose lever?

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Hey Guys,

Bought my first Defender in August (a lovely 1999 green 90 TD5) and only just had my first green laning experience at the weekend!

It was great apart from one thing..... I was stuck in high range the entire time.

At first the selector was stiff, only allowing high range and neutral, however after quite a bit of wiggling in and out, it is now extremely loose and is stuck in high mode and the knob moves freely (in all directions - can't be good).

So to sum up: really loose lever & stuck in high range

What have I broken? Is it an easy fix?



PS. I'm not the most mechanically minded person in the world.

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welcome to the forum.

1. has the diff lock light ever come on? if not you might have bigger issues.

2. high/low. if you're lucky, the pin connecting the lever to the arm on the transfer box has come out.

easy to tell, carefully remove the middle seat base and then the metal panel underneath.

if you waggle the handle you'll see where it connects to the transfer box. if there isn't a connection then you need a new pin,

unless you've broken the linkage.

If the worst comes to the worst then a second hand transfer box isn't ridiculous money.



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The lever is free in the shift housing, think you may have popped a circlip or nut trying to work it loose. Your problem is the cross-shaft seized through lack of use. You can get to it through the hole in the tunnel but take the tunnel off for easier access. You'll see the housing on top of the gearbox with a collection of wobbly bits of bent metal and rods on the end of it that is the linkage.

On mine I had to unbolt the housing and take a No3 BFH and a load of penetrating oil to it to free the shaft off by hitting it back and forth.

You'll probably need a new set of nylon top hat washers for the linkage as if they are broken or lost it will be too wobbly to work.

It's fairly obvious how it's set up and adjusted when you look at it, you won't need a new Tbox.

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