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Defender TD5 02

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Sounds like your wastegate's sticking open. This happened on mine and caused random sometimes-goes-like-a-rocket and sometimes-couldnt-pull-the-skin-off-a-pan-of-custard performance variability.

You may need to give the actuating-lever a medium-strength twatting-session with a hammer and a drift to get it moving again.

DON'T use any oil-based lubricants on the spindle - the heat from the engine will carbonize such stuff and make the problem worse!

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Doubt if it's anything to do with the EGR (get a removal kit and throw it in the bin anyway). As well as looking at the wastegate, unplug the MAF sensor and see if it goes any better, although a failed MAF usually means it wont rev over 2500rpm cleanly.

If it's neither of those, get it plugged in by someone who knows what they are doing or you could be chasing around swapping bits needlessly.

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