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Won't engage gears

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Hi all,

As the topic title says, I went to change down gears at a roundabout and it wouldn't go back in gear no bang or other noise it just wouldn't go in gear, turn engine off and it will select a gear, so today I've changed the master & slave and flexy hose, bled system all good, start defender and the same it will not engage a gear, anyone got any ideas? Defender 110 1996 300Tdi.

Cheers ted

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My bet is that the lever for the clutch bearing has worn through at the pivot.

Happens a lot.

How does the pedal feel? Most of the time when this happens the pedal becomes rock solid all the way up and sometimes it drops to the floor.

An other possibility might be that the centre had broken out of the clutchplate



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I was changing the seals on the old slave & master cylinders, when I noticed that the Slave cylinder that I have put on my defender FTC2498G is stated as being for 200Tdi engine gearbox vehicles, my question is would a 200Tdi work on a 300Tdi setup?

I was sold a clutch master and a slave for a 300tdi?

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