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Grumbleing Discovery sorted ,and not with liver salts


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Seasons greetings to you all .For a long time now I have had a rumbling /grumbling noise emitting from the rear of my Discovery 300 tdi .

I asked my usual spares supplier for advise ,ie, was it tyres ,bearigs ,axle ,etc .

I was answered with the typical ,savage intake of breath through the teeth and `let it develop lad `.

This `sound` had previously accompanied me to Plymouth and back ,and I needed to go again ( christmas delivery to grangchildren etc ).

So I checked all levels ,and havind recently sorted out my fuelling prob ( more later ) I set off .

All was fine I even cruised at 70 mph for a spell , then the rumbling turned into a more audible grumbling ,this was 100 mile from my destination ,mmm, at this I slowed down to a steadt 60 max ,with the wife saying ` your going a lot slower than normal ,` and me saying ` oh we are in good time I am just taking things steady ,( the wife is easily alarmed ).

I got to Plymouth and visited Brookwells and bought 4 wheel bearings and seals ( £7.00plus each )timken)

I set of back in the daylight ( in case of breakdown ) and again all was well untill Donnington ,when the wife says WHATS THAT NOISE ,sure enough a squeaking noise WAS coming from the rear ,I again nursed the car the last 100 mile (to Wakefield ).

Mondaay morning came around and ALL my friends were saying `its yer diff ` . I stripped out the half shaft and the rest can be seen in the photos .

Merry Christmas and a H appy New Year

Coachman .post-36830-0-47402400-1388497762_thumb.jpgpost-36830-0-09603700-1388497820_thumb.jpgpost-36830-0-68905200-1388497845_thumb.jpg

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