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help on technical data


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Hi there, I'm looking for standard specifications on a Series III 1971/72 model.

engine details, displacement, top speed, hp, torque, transmission, weight, suspension, and any feature available.

Does somebody have them and can pass it to me? or tell me where i can look it up??



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engine details,

It's the bit up the front that makes most of the noise


Displaces about 2 tons of mud when sunk up to the door handles

top speed

Uphill or downhill? Wind following or head on?


Almost 3 furlongs


7 newton-hectares


That's the bit that makes the rest of the noise and keeps the underside of the vehicle lubricated.


36 heaped Winchester bushels


Not believed to have existed at that time, any that may be present is a later upgrade introduced around the Paleolithic era.

Hope this helps - wonder if it will make the tech archive? :unsure:

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Absolutely, parabolics are the way of the future and the sooner you coil boys stop mucking about trying to stop your axles falling off and admit it the better :D

if the parabolics on Santana's are anything to go by, I'll stick with my nice biongy coils thank you :)

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