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I have a really strange problem that has completely baffled me and am hoping somone can shed some light on it,

I have a military series 3 ffr about a year back i done a 200di conversion which is great,

anyway to the problem, I drove up to north yorkshire for christmas a 260 mile trip spent a week exploring with no problems, halfway home pulled into the service station to give us and the landy a bit of a rest and found i couldn't select 1st or 2nd gear, i had a quick check nothing seemed out of place so as we was on the motorway the whole way home decided to carry on home, no strange noises or any other problems apart from selecting 1st and 2nd.

Got home and found one of the gearbox mounts had split right through and the other was looking a bit tierd. No problem i thought i replaced the mounts hoping it would solve the problem which as far as selecting the gears it did.

Now for the strange part, when i reverse, as soon as i dip the clutch the landy stops sharp as if i had pulled up on the hand brake, if there is drive from the engine it's fine it only does it when i dip the clutch, it's fine in neutral and all forward gears. i adjusted the hand brake all the way off just incase it was something to do with that but it has made no difference.

if anyone has any idea what could cause this i would be eternally grateful for any help.



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No expert, but as no one else has replied and you may be looking for ideas...

I'd take the handbrake drum off and try the same procedure again (could be a trailing shoe catching the handbrake drum when in reverse)....

general check - > Has the transfer + gearbox got oil in it? (I'd thought I'd ask?)

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Have a look at the nut on the rear end of the mainshaft.............behind the iron cover on the back end of the gearbox (6 nuts)

Or if you have an overdrive, that will have to come off.

Might NOT be that, but I do remember this used to cause selection problems, and might case internal jamming ? Maybe ?

Worth a look for very little effort...........................

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