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Red and White springs


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I am considering fitting police spec springs (NRC4304?) front and back to my Rangie.

Can anyone tell me how much they should lift it above standard?

I know it wont sit level but that will be sorted with a couple of blocks, unless anyone has any other suggestions???



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Thanks for the replies :D .

TJ101, Yes thanks I have seen Trev's spring calculator but I have no idea what my axle weights are.

Nige, It will be having a nice heavy Diesel (Isuzu) so was hoping that would counteract some of the length.

If anyone else has a recomendation please feel free to chip in.


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I have them front and rear on my Range Rover with a Chevy in the front, although the engine is about 100mm back from standard position.

It looks level and behaves well on them, although mine is chopped about a bit. They were on offer at Paddock when I bought them, about £10 I think.

They have a short compressed length which was one of the reasons why I went for them, no spring bind with raised bump stops.

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I have them front and rear on my disco, but they don't give a level ride like this. I have had to add 2" spacers at the rear to bring the vehicle level. Which means I have no real idea of just how much lift they give (sory).

Paul Wightman is running them on Piggy (which is a reange rover underneath) and I belive rogu vogue is runnig the same. Both these vehicles have much less body weight than a standard rangie though...



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Guys sorry if this is a little hijack but I understand nothing of springs,

I've always disliked how my Range sits higher at the back and now that the lump is out it's sitting level and looks so much better.

I'm wondering whether A. it would be to the detrement of the handling if I was to have it sitting level and B. whether the springs from the front of my 1990 donor car would make the '73 sit up at the front? The 1990 springs are either a pink or purple colour afaik

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Hi, I have Police spec HD springs from Paddocks on my 2dr and they've been on about 3 years, sadly not alot of offroad in that time but often heavy loads and always the usual kit. rope, tools, etc etc... In these pics there is nothing in the rear, not even the spare and there's about a third of a tank of diesel. It's parked on the flat and the engine is a 200 Tdi.

Hope this is of some use,

Cheers and good luck,





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