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Series III - Seatbelts


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I'm finally at the point where I have to put the seatbelts back in a hybrid; which has become a hard-top and I'm now a little confused at how the seatbelts are intended to run; it has been a while since it came apart. Would someone mind posting some photos of the mounting points for the various bits on the 3-point set-up; it is clearly different from the way a 90 is done. :)

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There's a bracket fitted in the corner of the hardtop to support the top part, and then the reel is bolted somewhere convinient. I've had it on the top of the rear bulkhead, I've seen it bolted to the back of the bulkhead, and mine is currently on some brackets I made that fit in the corner between cill and B post, supporting both the reel and the lower anchor point....


Been like that for years now

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Like I said, those brackets will fit a 3-door SIII 109 (or a SII), but not an 88 - they mount the reel between the seat back and tub bulkhead, but there's no space there on an 88 or 109 SW and the chassis brackets on a 109 SW won't meet the lower seat belt bracket either.

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If it helps I did this many years ago with a set of Securon seatbelts from one of the usual suppliers. The real came with a generic L-shaped bracket looking somewhat similar to MTC4090 above. It simply bolted in using the fore most roof side mounting screw on each side. Dead simple and neat.

If you want a really OEM type mount in a hardtop then purchase the middle row seat belt mounts for a 110 LH/RH MWC5054/5055 or MXC 3282/3283. These provide both the shoulder mount and a reel mounting in one part and are designed to fit the Rover top in this location.

If you are planning a soft top then it becomes a bit more interesting.

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