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Heated Front Screen - 2 Tab or 3 Tab?

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A few heated front screens on offer, and a fair few people doing "plug and play" wiring kits.

I know that some skilled person on here has drawn up a "DIY" wiring diagram, but when you price up all the components and postage from each of the suppliers (ouch) it cost the same as a complete kit with wires all fitted ready to go.

The trouble is that the screens are all 2 tab, and the plug and play kits for my fascia/switch style (06MY) are for 3 tab.

Can I fit a 2 tab heated front screen and just use 2 of the feed wires? I would leave the thiird wire wrapped in insul tape for the day when the heated screen gets replaced by Autoglass with a 3 tabber.

Thanks in advance.

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3 Tab screen is a generic replacement screen - OEM (factory) front heated screens have only 2 tabs.

So here's the question - If you have wiring for a 2 tab screen ( ie factory wiring) what happend when Autofit want to give you a 3 tab screen?

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My 06 td5 XS loom was factory fitted for a 2 tab screen and the HFS relay was melting at the terminals due to current draw. My new screen is a 3 tab and I've split the load and feeds over 2 relays. Can't see an issue leaving the unused feed suitably insulated and tucked away for future use...but I'd keep an eye on the relay for signs of overheating.

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