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Windscreen washer jet improvement....

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During a recent visit to the inventing shed of Nigel @ Megasquirt-V8 (Or Hybrid From Hell as he is known on here...) he showed me some parts he had to try and solve the poor washer situation we suffer on Defenders. The washer arms he had are from a Peugeot 405 and I remember them working well when I had one of these vehicles a long time ago...

As Nigel already has a similar upgrade on his truck I took the parts to fit on my near standard truck and thought I'd share on here because they are a definite improvement over standard washer jets.

I have no idea where you can get these parts as I doubt many of these cars are going through the scappers now, but if you can get these or similar it will be worth it.

What did I start with today....

I’ve already upgraded to two set of jets to get more water on the screen when required.


It’s better than the Land Rover standard offering of 1 central washer, but there is still a lot of water applied in a haphazard fashion to try and clear the screen.

2014-01-12 13.05.03.mov

What I took from Nigel was 2 Spray arms, 4 clips, 2 lengths of tubing, T-piece and a one way valve.


Those with incredibly small hands or gifted children might try this in a key-hole style through the ashtray opening.

Having had my dash apart approx. 20 times in the last 18 months, I decided the quickest and simplest route was dash top off.


I already have a T-piece in the centre from my previous modification so it will be easy to pipe in the new washer arms.

Opening up the packs I set about adding the washer arms to the blades.

post-1475-0-15886000-1389543505_thumb.jpg post-1475-0-01481800-1389543520_thumb.jpg

post-1475-0-10573800-1389543537_thumb.jpg post-1475-0-46605500-1389543555_thumb.jpg

I have Bosch blades and the clips fit well without impact on the wiper arm when back on the vehicle.

Next, I popped out my current blanking grommet and attempted to make a 5.5mm hole. It turned out pretty ragged.

I may look for a 9mm OD and 6mm ID grommet to replace it.

(I will take out my existing washers on another occasion and blank off with grommets.)

post-1475-0-13501900-1389543665_thumb.jpg post-1475-0-53529700-1389543647_thumb.jpg

post-1475-0-06524300-1389543683_thumb.jpg post-1475-0-12072900-1389543709_thumb.jpg

I inserted the T-piece through the grommet and then attached the pipe. (There is enough pipe spare on the passenger side washer to cut a section off, attach to the T-piece and feed through the bulkhead.

I used a couple of cable ties on each arm to secure the pipe.

Inside I added the non-return valve. Check the direction of flow is correct by looking for the arrow embossed on the valve.


After an initial trial, I could see that the clips were covering some of the jet holes. I moved the washer arms up / out approx. 1 cm and all cleared the clips no problem.

The end result...

post-1475-0-88200600-1389543844_thumb.jpg post-1475-0-08737800-1389543866_thumb.jpg

I've ordered some adhesive cable ties to stick under the windscreen / bulkhead join to tidy up the pipe work and will post up pictures when installed. (Assuming they work)

2014-01-12 13.47.28.mov

Overall the installation took under an hour, including the removal of the top Dash and re-fitting.

There is much less water hitting the screen when washing now, but it lands in 4 places per blade and will not get blown around.

The washer arms also have a hole on the end / top of the arm. While not moving these currently spray off to the near-side of the vehicle or over the roof. If air pressure doesn't force this onto the screen I may seal those holes.

If you can get parts like these it's a worthwhile upgrade.


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Not with the truck until Sunday but will finish adding clips and grab some pictures of how I've done it for you.

I've got a new grommet to replace the one I drilled to hopefully make sure it's a water tight joint through the bulkhead...


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Ok.. I hope the pictures show how I'm routing my pipes...




I have to remove my old washers at some point. When I do this, I'll shorten the pipe on the drivers side and fit another pipe clamp.


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