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R380 & LT230 rebuild tips and tricks advice.


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Starting to reassemble my R380 and LT230 rather the make my own mistakes as im running out of time with this build have you's any tips. Like what thread sealer to use and which one not too. Smother the bolts in sealer or thread locker to stop leaks, use a tube of sealant per joint etc. any advice would be great thanks guys.

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The rework kit I had included gaskets but if you have adjusted the pre-load on the bearings without gaskets dont use them. As the surfaces are machined you should'nt need to use too much gasket sealant, just remember to use locktite on all the case bolts and retaining screws. You should be able to turn the input shaft with the gears in Neutral and the output shaft should just be turning but not show any resistance if you hold it, that is all thats "turning" it is friction with the new syncro rings etc. if it shows any resistance to your holding it and wanting to turn here is too much preload on the bearings. I had mine assembled and dis-assembled 5 times and adjusting the preload with shims before I got it right :angry2:

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Before you assemble the transfer box remember to cross drill the input gear (thats the main gear in the transfer box that the gearbox output spline slots into) . By cross-drilling it more oil is able to lubricate the R380 input splines and increase their life. I used a masonry drill resharpened to a metal drilling profile to drill through the case hardening, use slow speed, lots of pressure and lubricant on the drill tip, about a 3/8" hole should be sufficient, I drilled two at 90 degrees.

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