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what brake calipers to use for a winch?


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Evening all.

I am looking for a pair of calipers that i can use to fit onto my pto winch so that i can brake the front drum or the rear? Small and light weight yet able to hold a vehicle with a hydraulic hand brake.

Cheap and easy to source pads etc would be ideal?

Any ideas??

thanks in advance

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I'm afraid there's no specific answer to that, not without more info at least. It depends so much on whether you need to slow down the winch drums from speed or not, and if so, from what speed with how much momentum? The easiest solution of course is just to go a bit overkill or on the safe side if you wan't but it seems to me like you'd prefer just the right setup, that doesn't have any excessive weight what so ever?

It also depends greatly on the diameter of the disc you're going to use. But in general I have used motorcycle calipers for lots of stuff they really do perform well compared to their size. The clamping force is really great, however, they are not suited for thick discs as will be required if the momentum is too great, as in stopping a whole 4x4 for instance. So I think you're lightest solution would be a 4-6 piston motorcycle caliper with some quite large discs, do however watch out for distortion on discs if they are big in diameter but thin walled.

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evening Soren,

Hope your ok?

I have been thinking of bike calipers and have found these? ( Below) I need the brakes to slow down the winch when lowering if required and also to hold the vehicle on a slope... but like you i know there is perfect balance between strength and weight? car will weight circa 1.8t hopefully and i will have 2 drums one forward and one back.

Some friends actually use the winch drum side ( 6mm thick steel disc) as the disc?


I am going to use hydraulic handbrakes for each one.

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Yeah I'm fine thank you :) Those calipers should do it just fine I think, as long as you get the piston dimension correct in the mastercylinder. I would maybe be a bit wary about using the sides of the drum because of all the crud the wire could bring with it onto the drum? Depends of course on how much will fall off in tubes or on rollers etc along the way, but might be a slight issue. But it clearly would be a lighter and simpler setup. Second I'm not sure those calipers can reach over 6mm? can't remember the thickness of a Hayabusa disc though..

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