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Slow to react to throttle release


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I am new to this Range Rover beast, having been a Defender owner for the last 8 years.

I have a P38 Mk2 4.6HSE. A nice car, a few faults (known when I bought it!) but a rather worrying development.

It is only used occasionally (I try an make it once a week). Having left it for only 1 day, when I tried to start it, the battery was flat (nothing obvious I'd left on). I jumped it from my van and on turning over the engine raced to nearly 6000rpm. I quickly turned it off. Tried again, it did the same, but did after a second or so return to idle!

But that is not as worrying as driving back as I found I was getting quite a delay between releasing the throttle (to idle) and the engine responding (a couple of seconds). When I got home I popped the bonnet and all seemed free enough with the throttle cable, so I am curious as to what may be causing this?

Any ideas from the forum on what may have caused an unexpected racing of the engine and also my delayed throttle (release) response?



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Battery charged overnight and installed this afternoon. No problems in starting, a fast idle initially (1200rpm), but then eventually settled down to around 750rpm BUT when the throttle is blipped, the engine races to 6,500rpm, hunts for 2 or 3 seconds then drops back to idle! If you increase the revs slowly, it's fine, you don;t even have to blip it that far, just a small depression of the throttle and off it goes!

Any ideas?



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