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rear cross member replacement


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my rear cross member is rotting badly and the disco now has a saggy bum... :(

so has anyone replaced one? and able to give advice on the job <_<


should i stick in a shed over winter and consider bobbing it........ how tricky on a 3 door and any advice on it.... piccies would be nice.


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'fraid mine is in a similar state. Gonna have to do it at some point, and I'm not looking forward to it. I belive there is a reasonably clos standard size box section that gives a decent fit, and is obvioulsy heavier than the standard folded item, so I will probably go down that route.

Bobtailed discos are cool. I am very tempted to do mine at some point - when I don't need the space! I think the 3 door works better than the 4 door bobbed though.


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