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Interior lights

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Mudstuff sell similar stuff, not swivel though and at a bit of a premium if you ask me.

I have one of these http://www.mudstuff.co.uk/low-profile-interior-large-led-light.html

Though it was much better priced when I bought it. I have it in the middle of the roof, behind the front headlining. Gives a good amount of light out.

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If you want your light in the rear of the tub to go on and off switched by the same switch as the front light which means when the front light is in auto position both will come on with the doors opening, on with the on and off with the off then you can do that by opening up the front light and soldering two wires to the contacts for the bulb. Once you've done that these two wires become the live and ground for the rear light which will do whatever the front one does. If you want both to come on with the safari door opening too you can easily do that by taking the purple and blue wire going into the front light and extend this along the roof edge to the back door where you need to fit a door switch like the front one making sure its screw goes to ground properly.

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