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Home made TD5 wading kit and Mantec Snorkel


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Nothing new here, but for anyone who has a TD5 and wants to ready it for wading, don't go out and spend £36 or more on a TD5 wading kit! :blink: It's a lot to pay for a few bits of nylon pipe and some cable ties, especially when it's very easy to make your own. :)

The TD5 axles use standard 6mm push on connectors, so all you need to extend them is some 6mm Polyurethane or felxible nylon tubing (about 60-70p per metre) and some cable ties. You simply pull out the existing breather pipes on each axle. You do this by pushing down on the connector rim and pulling the pipe up at the same time.


Run the rear breather tube along A-frame arm and then along chassis to meet with other breather tubes. The front simply runs along the inside of the front radius arm. I re-used the pipe connectors used by LR that are held on by a cable tie. Run both breather up into engine bay.

The two existing engine and transmission breathers terminate in the engine compartment. Snip off the bend in the tubes and use a 6mm push-on Y connector to combine them...


These cost about £3.50 to 4 each.


You do the same with the two axle breather tubes and use a Y connector again. You then use two pieces of 6mm tube to take both pairs outside the engine bay and up your snorkel. If you don't have a snorkel you can leave them secured in the engine bay.


Alternatively you can run both axle breather pipes outside and extend the engine and transmission breathers with straight through push-on connectors and you would then have four pipes going outside. Your choice. ;);)

I used the same LR tube clips with cable ties to secure the breathers to the snorkel. For those wanting to be colour coordinated you can use black tubing. I just used what was to hand. :)


The snorkel was a Mantec plastic one, cost £152 inc VAT. Ideally I would have gone for a southdown snorkel as it doesn't stick out and sits lower, however, I may put a cage on the 90 and didn't want a huge hole in my wing when the snorkel would need moving. The mantec one uses the existing side vent and sticks out less than the Safari snorkel, hence my choice. ;)


I pushed down the snorkel as far as it would go to reduce the height and marked up the three drill holes in the windscreen, ignoring the suggested heights from Mantec. I took off the interior trim and made sure that my hole positions wouldn't foul with interior bolt holes etc. This kept the snorkel down to just less than the rear of the roof..


The snorkel does stick out, but not too far..


and it survived ok on a recent laning trip in Wales..




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