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Quaife centre diff


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Dam! I wish I'd seen that! For the price it went for I'd have bought it without thinking. I'm already on one centre diff this year and that was a properly built one with a solid cross shaft :ph34r:

P.S. Jim, bling give you that warm fuzzy feeling inside even if you can't see it :P

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A peice of useless centre diff trivia for the rivet counters among us. In the mid 1960's Rover breifly offered a 4 pinion limited slip diff option for front and rear diffs on series 2A LandRovers.It was known as the Salisbury Power Lock. Unfortunately the side and pinion gears were a bit small and proved to be even less durable than LandRovers existing 2 pinion diff so the option was discontinued after only a few hundred were made. When the first RangeRovers were built they had limited slip centre differentials for a breif period. I rebuilt an early Rangey centre diff once that had broken both cross shafts and 2 of the 4 pinion gears as well as worn limited slip clutch plates. I found that these parts were identical to those off the old series 2A Salisbury Power locks which I had in stock.Only the spline in both side gears differed. The later non limited slip centre diffs (both LT95 and LT230)continued using the same pattern gears and shafts.


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Will if you runn with the center diff locked offroad, you won't break it....Full stop :ph34r:

It's when you dick about with it disengaged that you mess them up.

Here endth the lesson..... :P

Jim :D

Yeah, unless it pops out on a hill climb and then goes bang :( I never like running the diff open off road for that reason. Since then I've tweeked the linkage a little more to stop this happening.

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