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Some questions arose...


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Hey guys...

Drove the Disco for the first time offroad today, merely testing it out after the whole transplant and stuff...so nothing hardcore...and obviously first time working the underdrive...

1. There's a grinding sound going on when using the underdrive, is it because they are straight cut gears? It's not that bad actually, but its quite audible...

2. The DBA/EBC combo is not performing (could be the 42s), after washing the truck they did perform somewhat better, but it sqeaks like mad now & they cannot hold the truck when in L, L 1st...(108:1 crawl ratio with Auto)

3. Thinking of pushing my front diff 4-6" forward with 4 link and coil overs...would it be possible to maintain the stock pitman arm (I have hydro assist)? it "looks" possible and no issues...Not sure of the weight of the truck, but the suspension is not "collapsing" like it used to, seems that the springs are too hard for the new weight (could I be THAT much lighter?)...the truck was on 6psi and I thought it was on 25psi!

4. REAR WINCH: main issue here...I have 2 M8274s...one brand new (can sell for good $) and one old 2.5hp beat up...but wanted the reliability of a WORM GEAR (for decents) and don't care about the speed...only one available in Lebanon (shipping winches is a bitch) is the Industrial short drum on (http://www.ramsey.com/industrial/dc-200ramlok.html) or Husky (not available) - what do you guys think?

5. I have both the engine and the tranny oil coolers stacked in front of the radiator (Kenlow 2 x 16" pullers)...and the temp gauge shows that the engine is running at 1/2 versus it running at 1/4 before...would these effect this much? I'll be intalling louvers in the hood to help out, but not sure if that's the final step needed...Could I put teh oil coolers in a place that does not get much air head on?


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shouldn't be any noise using the under drive.

mine and JSTs are both quiet in operation

the gears inside the U/D aren't straight cut though but helical


not suprised the brakes couldn't hold it to be honest there is a fair amount of power low geared available to you now.

the 8274 on the rear would be fine

I personally prefer the husky but if you can't get one use what you have

the ramsey is another good wormwheel winch though.

The other ?? I don't have any answers but I'm sure other will

cheers Tony

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Yep Dino, the underdrive should be fine. You sometimes get a little noise when shifing in and out of underdrive but that's it. You did fill it with oil didn't you? :ph34r: Other than that it could be caused by wear on the transfer box. I know this can cause noise with overdrives as there gears don't mesh propperly. Maybe ashtrans'll be along in a minute to give his opinion. My brakes don't hold the vehicle in LL BTW so don't worry!

The Husky is a good winch but it is very slow. I've been happy with mine appart from that!

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