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Air bag replacment


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Remove keys from ignition

remove both battery leads, negative first

then wait 10mins before commencing work.

remove Torx bolts from back of wheel support airbag module and do not let it hang on the wires, disconnect multiplug from airbag module and store somewhere safe face upwards. it suggests some where like a locked luggage compartment well away from you and anyone else.

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Good point. I assumed the latter! Not sure ones choice of outer leisurewear would be significant in replacing suspension components ;)

Sorry Rear air spring...

done loads of Air bag replacements with the racer's etc mainly removal but the camal had a new wheel fitted before I sold it..

did it yesterday took about 30 min from jacking up to droping back down..

its easy takes longer to change a normal spring :)

Thanks anyway

and the misses found the rave about an hr after I finished..

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