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Insurance with no MOT or Tax question

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As people probably know, my 90 is off the road at the moment. I declared it SORN in Jan and have had the money back for the task disk.

Now, my insurance renewal is due at the beginning of next month, and the MOT sometime in the next couple of weeks (need to check exactly when). Now the truck is not going to pass an MOT with the wiring loom/wings etc missing!

So, can I renew my insurance policy on a limited mileage of say 1000 miles, but without having a vaild MOT or any tax? I don't want to loose my acrued no claims discount.


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I remember asking about this very same thing when I had the red one in bits, I still wanted it insured but it had no tax or MOT, so ring your insurance company and explain your situation and I'm sure they sort you out as you say on a limited mileage policy.


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On motorbike insurance they will normally allow you up to 2 years before your no claims lapses (never done it on a car so don't know), check with your insurer to see if it is the same for cars..... of course insuring the vehicle is nice but not sure how they feel about insuring a pile of parts? Can see it now, '.... had you locked the vehicle? What do you mean it had no doors?'

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