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I see a lot of you run rear mount rads and just wondered what you had done with the Engine oil cooler and Inter cooler?

I'm building a budget hybrid trialer with a Disco 300tdi.

My plan is to rear mount the Rad,blank of the oil cooler and pipe the Turbo straight to the inlet manifold. Seems the best option on the face of it as it's quickest and cheapest, and i can't see them doing me much good at low speed and coated in mud, also may reduce Turbo lag?

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On the tomcat I left the intercooler in the front and fitted a large one (easy to clean on it's own). The oil cooler I ran a length of copper pipe to the front with some bends in it then back to the engine similar to the way BMW do on some cars as you have a lot less under bonnet heat it seemed to work well.


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You wouldn't need an oil cooler on a trialer. Keeping my engine warm seems to be an issue on trials :)

Maybe a water-over-oil cooler/conditioner might be better, to keep the oil warmed up?

I would think no intercooler would be fine, (seen a few about), or if you want the cool intake air, go charge-cooler like Mike R.

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