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cam belt change and this is what i found


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the whole cam belt change went fine no problems

but this is what i found when the damper had been removed :blink:


(note the hammer marks) <_< no chance of putting a new sealing that...


there was tons of mud etc in the case but the belt was still ok, The truck had a full service history so i know the cam belt was last replace by a garage.....

I cleaned it all up and back together now and running sweet (the timming was out too).


so does any body have a disco 200tdi timing case cover for sale? :(

sorry dont have enought posts to post in the classifieds section yet ...

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I would bodge it up somehow. That is only a dust/mud seal anyway and even a good one won't keep all the water out. The important seal is the one that keeps the oil in :)

yes think this is the route iam going cos at 200 quid +VAT for a new one <_<

It was full of mud so i guess will need to bodge up some thing or clean it out once a year :blink:

.............or stay out of the Mud :D (yer right)

thanks all for the input

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i fit the entire cover with silicon as i cant get my warped plate to seal with normal gaskets.

dont want mud in there really, as when the bearings in the pulleys go rusty & seize things go 'spink' & the engine goes 'bang clunk' - dont ask me how i know.

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how did i guess someone would say that? well my pullies seized so the belt went 'twang' then the engine went 'clunk'. £300 of bits later i had it running agian.

last time the belt snapped (cant find why it went again, i'd used good selotape to hold the ends together) it only cost £100.

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'spink' as defined in a convo at the services on the M27 once. mate was trying to change the thermostat on his 110, i watched him try to loosen the bolts & said 'this is about when they go spink isnt it?', bolt went spink, he cursed. the word stuck.

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